How to Play Retro GameROMs on Windows

Video games are always a good time, something we desperately need during the COVID lockdown. I have shared with you the methods to play your favorite games on Mac and also how to patch games to make use of the most popular ROM hacks such as Invictus or Grand Poo World. Macs are slower than other gaming computers and have superior performance. Let’s see the ways Windows can play retro games!

Step 1: Download RetroArch and install it

RetroArch is a completely free and open source software that powers RetroPie, Recalbox, and other video game programs. RetroArch is able to be installed on almost any device, but we’ll install it on our Windows PC. You don’t need to do anything.

Step 2: Install Emulators

After RetroArch is installed and is open, you are able to select from the menu options.

  • Loading Core
  • Download the Core
  • Choose the video game system or emulator you prefer

When presented with more options, like SNES, you will want to spend some time to study the differences between them. For example the “higan Accuracy”, which requires more resources, is less popular than the SNES9X.Join Us website The snes9x is also used by streamers, and the bsnes2014 performance makes games seem more responsive. There are numerous emulators you can download with just one click.

Step 3. Let’s Go!

Now is the time to play! Move your ROM file into the RetroArch window. RetroArch will launch an emulator that is compatible with your ROM format. It’s that simple.

But where can I find or patch games?

Game ROMs

Legally, it is legal to make ROMs using games that you have. However downloading them is not legal. That’s it. This isn’t the web. I don’t care when they come across ROMs via an Google search. It’s a breeze…

It is possible to patch ROMs or create ROM Hacks.

Patching hacks for ROMs is a major part of the retro game scene today. Legendary Super Mario World hackers Juz King and Barbarous Kings use Lunar Magic, to transform the classic Super Mario World in amazing new “Kaizo”. These hacks bring back memories of what I remember growing as a child and make them more enjoyable. The new hacks, when ready will be posted to SMWCentral and can be downloaded download by thousands of enthusiastic gamers.

Hacks aren’t allowed to be made available in the game’s full version. This is unlawful. Hacks are usually bps files and need to be placed onto an unclean gamerom to make the desired mods games that can be played. Some of my top SNES modifications include Grand Poo World 2, Invictus and Super Dram World.

If you own a clean version of Super Mario World SNES, then we can patch it in order to create one the hacks above. The FloatingIPS program is the Windows program required for patching. The process of FloatingIPS is simple, prompting users for the patch (bps) file, the ROM to apply it to, as well as the desired file name of the output

This is how you patch your game. It is possible to take your personalization of your gameplay to the highest step by creating your own replay system, or patching your game with customized modifications!


Controls are the most challenging aspect when playing Windows games. You can use the keyboard as a controller in a lot of emulators. If you’re like me and would rather use the controller that came with your system, you can find many USB controllers to suit your requirements.

As an avid fan of video games, software engineering, and streamlining, I am impressed by the ecosystem of emulators. I am also grateful for the fact that ROM hackers help keep the games of my childhood alive and make games more challenging and fun. RetroArch has some amazing UI enhancements. Although it is still slightly rough around the edges, getting emulators installed was simple and took just minutes.

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